Power Of Desire

Have you ever wondered why some professional athletes lose a major competition even when they are heavily favored, and physically superior than their opponent? Here's a hint - it's all in the mind.

Mike Tyson comes to mind - remember him? Recently Tyson tried to make yet another comeback - he's been trying for 15-years and still hasn't succeeded. The former heavyweight champion who once scared his opponents to the point where they would simply want to run out of the ring instead of facing him - now can't knockout a guy who stands still in front of him with his chin extended.

So why is it that the man who was once the most feared fighter in the world can't knockout someone who is standing still in front of him?

It's the same reason why a top athlete loses to an inferior athlete. And it's the same reason why you sometimes never achieve a goal even though you really want to.

So what is the reason? In a word - desire.

Most people either lose their desire to succeed, don't have the desire to succeed, have the wrong desire attached to their goal or don't know what their real desire is. The last 2 are where most people fall - they may want to achieve certain goals - but don't have the right desire attached to their goal or don't know what their real desire is.

Your desire is what fuels your success - if you don't have the desire to achieve your goals - you're not going to achieve it. A goal without a desire is like driving a car without gas. You're simply not going to get anywhere.

If you want to achieve your goals you need to have the desire to achieve your goal or you have to have the right desire associated with that goal.

I'll outline how to find out if you have the real desire to achieve your goals and how to create the desire so that you always achieve your goals. I'll also outline how the power of desire has launched famous people in the world to tremendous levels of success and how you can apply the same techniques so that you have the same desire and so that you enjoy the same level of success. I'll also explain how to have the right desire for the right goal - so that you stay motivated and always enjoy success at any goal.

What's Your Desire?

Let's face it - we all want a lot of things and we all would like to have a lot of different things in our lives - but wanting and desiring something are very different. For example: you may want to make more money - but what do you really desire? If you think that money will give you more time, more security, more freedom - then what you really desire is freedom, security, more time and perhaps a comfortable lifestyle. You want more money - but you really desire something completely different - something that you think having more money will allow you to achieve.

Realizing and understanding your core desire is critical to your success.

If you're setting a goal to make more money but don't know what you truly desire then you may find that you're not making the progress that you want because there is no real desire. And this is only because you're not focusing on your desire - you're not using the Power Of Desire.

After he lost his most recent fight Mike Tyson said: "I lost my desire, I'm not hungry anymore. I'm wealthy, my kids have money, I have nothing to fight for." Tyson's desire to fight was to be wealthy and make sure that his family was financially secure. Filling his ego with the notion that he was heavyweight champ didn't matter anymore. Since he had the money – fighting wasn't necessary to him and there was no desire to fight. He wanted to make some more money, he wanted to come back and be champ again - but he had no real desire.

Muhammad Ali, on the other hand, had a burning desire to be heavyweight champion of the world. His desire wasn't money - it was fame. That's why he always came back - until his body could no longer fulfill his desire.

Nelson Mandela had a burning desire not just for personal freedom - but for the freedom of all blacks in South Africa.

Bill Gates has a desire to see a computer in every home in the world – and we're almost at that point.

Warren Buffet has a desire to make money by investing - and he continues to be successful.

Having a desire is what fuels your ability to succeed. You may want to make a million dollars - but what is it that you truly desire? Is it a better home? A better life, more time, financial security? If this is your desire then this is what you need to focus on regularly - especially when you think about taking steps to make a million dollars - or what ever amount you want to make.

You first should understand why you truly want to accomplish a certain goal because this is how you will identify your true desire. Once you know your desire you can begin pursuing your goal with confidence because you'll be utilizing the power of desire - which when combined with the power of your subconscious mind virtually guarantees your success.

Too often I hear from potential students telling me that they want to make more money - but this isn't their true desire. Their real desire is to have security, and more time with less stress in their lives. If you focus on your true desire you will be more motivated and compelled to succeed. Mike Tyson didn't have a desire to fight - that's why he lost. If you have a desire to improve your life - you should understand exactly what that desire is so that you motivate yourself to success. Students who work with my Creating Power system learn to uncover their core desires in the very first week. They then start fueling themselves towards success by working with the power of their mind and subconscious mind to help them achieve their goals. With Creating Power you will discover your core desires, learn to stay motivated and have the right mindset for success.

How To Work With The Power Of Desire

When you have a desire - you have power and you can use this power to direct your mind and subconscious mind to help you achieve your goals.

We've all heard stories where people overcome seemingly impossible odds to survive. Someone may be trapped for days without water but finds a way to survive. The reason - their desire to live forces them to find a way to make it through. Doctors and scientists all agree that a person who loses the will or desire to live - will meet his or her end much more quickly than someone who has a desire to live.

What ever it is you want to achieve you can instill the desire within you to make it happen. How? It's really quite simple. If you want to be in a relationship - then think about why you want to be in a relationship. Saying that it would be nice isn't good enough. You have to ask yourself why it would be nice. For example: I had a friend I used to work with who wanted to get married. I asked her why - first she said she just wanted to be in a relationship. As I continued to press her she revealed that she wanted to get married because she didn't want to be alone and she hoped to start a family. Her desire to not be alone for the rest of her life motivated her to get into a relationship and get married. She did everything to meet people and sure enough she got married and now has two lovely children. Uncovering her desire allowed her to succeed - because she regularly thought about her true desire.

If you don't have a desire to accomplish your goal then you have likely chosen the wrong goal or you don't clearly understand why you want to achieve that goal. For example: If you want to improve your health or lose weight just because you feel you need to then you really don't have a desire to improve your health or lose weight. If you decide that you want to improve your health so that you live a longer healthier life - then you have a real desire to improve your health. Do you see the difference between simply wanting to achieve something and having a desire to achieve something.

When you know your desire you should think about that desire regularly, every day, every moment and constantly look for ways to achieve the goal that will allow you to fulfill that desire.

If you want to have success - if you want to achieve your goals, if you want to enjoy happiness and a better life then you have to understand your true desire - or why you want to achieve your goals. You can create your desire by simply looking at the goal you want and understanding how achieving that goal would significantly improve your life and the lives of those around you. If you're not clear on your desire then start thinking about how accomplishing that goal will improve your life and the lives of those around you.

So if you think you want to live life with passion and experience happiness - then think about how achieving that would improve your life and the lives of those around you. As you start doing this you'll begin to uncover your desire.

If you want to get a better job then think about how having a better job would improve your life and the lives of those around you. You then know your desire and you can begin to focus on your desire as you go out looking for a new job. Why do you need to focus on your desire? Because this is what you really want - this is your motivating factor, this is the outcome that you are seeking. When you know your desire when you allow your desire to fuel your success you are more likely to achieve your goals. Students who work with my Creating Power system learn to uncover their desires in the very first week. They also learn how to stay motivated and focus on achieving their goals by working with the power of their mind and subconscious mind. With Creating Power you'll know your true desires and you'll be on the road to success and happiness in no time.

The Power Of Desire

Now that you have your desire - now that you know what it is you truly desire you can begin working with this power by continually sending the right messages to your subconscious mind. When you do this you instruct your subconscious mind to create the situations you want to help you achieve that which you desire.

These next steps require that you pay more attention to what you think, say and do. It's great to have a desire - but if your thoughts, words and actions are in conflict what you desire - you will not succeed.

Muhammad Ali wanted to be the greatest fighter ever - so he walked around telling everybody he was the greatest. True boxing lovers will argue that he is not the greatest fighter ever - but the world still refers to Ali as the greatest.

Nelson Mandela always talked about freedom even when he was behind bars he would only discuss freedom - freedom for himself and his fellow Africans.

Bill Gates always talks about how computers change and improves people's lives - and today more people are aware of how computers have improved our lives.

This next step requires that you create a belief system that corresponds with what you truly desire - this means having beliefs and attitudes that allow you to fulfill your desire. You can't desire to have a better life and then believe that it's difficult to make more money and improve your life. You can't have a desire to be married and have a belief or say that it's difficult to meet the right man or woman. If you have a belief that is in conflict with what you desire then you're really defeating yourself before you even start.

If you know your desire then you have gas in your car. But if you have the wrong beliefs then you're going to drive your car in the wrong direction - you still won't get to where you want to go. You still won't achieve your goals if you don't have the right belief system. So now that you know your desire - watch your thoughts. Keep track of what you regularly think, say and do. Make sure that what you regularly think, say and do help you achieve your desire and don't work against you.

I suggest that you keep a notepad and pen handy so that you track your thoughts, words and actions. If you catch yourself thinking, saying or doing something that isn't in line with your desire or doesn't support your desire - then change that thought, word, or action - so that it does support your desire.

For example: If you want to be in a relationship so that you can have a family - but you catch yourself saying it's difficult to meet the right person then you need to change that thought to something like: it's easy to meet the right person. Get the idea?

When you do this you start to redirect your mind and instruct your subconscious mind to create the life you want. When you have the right desire and when you properly instruct your subconscious mind you virtually guarantee your success - you essentially become unstoppable. Students who work with my Creating Power system learn how to direct the power of their mind and subconscious mind. Plus they also learn how to instill the right desire to catapult them to success. Start living the life you want and begin experiencing success, happiness and much more.

"Hi Karim,
I've been meaning to write for some time just to say thank you for your wonderful Creating Power course. Your material and your coaching helped me change my life for the better. My business has increased ten fold since I started your program a year ago. I also sorted things out with my husband and we are getting along better than ever. We just purchased a new home and will be moving out of our flat in the next 2 months. I am more optimistic and confident - I know there are only good things ahead. Thank you so much Karim. Blessings to you and your family."
Stephanie Thompson, London, England.

You too can begin improving your life. Yes you can create the coincidences to achieve success, happiness and much more. Take control of your thoughts and you change your life. Start today - don't waste another moment creating the life you don't want. Remember - this is it. This is the only life you have. Use your incredible powers to make the most of it.

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