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Creating Power is dedicated to helping you live the life you want. Founded by Karim Hajee over 20-years ago, Creating Power now helps over 100-thousand people worldwide achieve their goals and live fuller, more meaningful lives.

Karim Hajee's Self Improvement Course

My name is Karim Hajee and over the past 20 years I've been teaching my amazing Creating Power System that has helped thousands of people change their lives in ways they never thought possible. What I am about to tell you here today will change your life forever.

I learned how to tap into my Subconscious Mind and developed the Creating Power System from my mother when I was a teenager living in Kenya, East Africa. She in turn, was taught by her mother who discovered this system while she lived in India. So this system has been around for a very long time and is proven effective.

For more than 20 years now I have used and continue to use the powers of my Creating Power System to achieve my goals and live the life I want. I am an Award Winning Television Reporter in Canada and the United. During the last 20+ years I have examined and studied different self help programs and read countless books on the subject of our subconscious mind hoping to find something new. Instead what I discovered was that the System I was taught so many years ago and have been using all my life is still the most effective method to creating the life we want.

My Unique Creating Power System is proven effective and helps you live the kind of life you want and achieve your full potential.
My Creating Wealth program will show you how to develop a mindset to create an avalanche of wealth in no time.
The Power Of Believing will show you how to create empowering beliefs so that you catapult yourself to success and happiness.
My Power Affirmations programs will help get results by working with a series of Powerful affirmations read at a specific pace and set to optimum music that will get results.

These programs used new technology to help you imprint new thought patterns quickly.All my programs are designed to work with each other so that you can get the best results. To learn more simply visit our products page.

You can also get my 7-Steps To Success CD – FREE – simply click here to get your copy today.

My goal is simple: I want to help you live a positive, rewarding life. All of my material is guaranteed. You should not pay for something that you feel does not work. You should not pay for something you are not happy with. You can do your own research if you like but I know it will take you years and countless failures before you come up with the right system that will work for you. Not to mention all the money and energy you'll spend trying to figure it out on your own. At Creating Power we offer the most powerful programs that get the best results. It’s really that simple.

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