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“They all told me things could only get better if
I worked Harder...

But they were wrong...
I finally got the wealth, success, confidence and peace
I wanted so desperately
When I found out how to make it simple

Discover how you can be Wealthy...
Overcome your Fears... be Happier...
More Confident... More Successful...
Simply and Instantly... With the flip of a Switch


Dear Friend,

Have you ever noticed how quickly and drastically life can change?

You know... One day you’re on top of the world... Feeling powerful, clear-minded and strong. Ready to slay dragons and save villagers... And to effortlessly meet new people, take on new challenges and to do the right things right.

And the next day... you’re struggling to make small talk with your neighbor, second -guessing your words as they slip nervously out of your mouth... and trying desperately to fight off the anxiety that’s building in your stomach over worries about money and your future.

So what’s happened? What’s the difference between those powerful, confident, clear-minded days and those painful, anxiety-filled times when everything just seems harder?(Is it circumstances that have changed? Or is it something inside you?)

In just a moment, I’m going to show you what’s at the root of those down times... Why they sneak up on you, when you least expect it... Why they seem to grow bigger with each passing day, and take on a life all their own, dashing your plans, ruining your finances and your hopes for being wealthy... shattering relationships, stifling your ability to get things done, sucking your time and energy... ruining any possibility of a better life, killing your confidence... (take another look at this line)

Most Importantly... You’ll discover how to...

Easily and painlessly drive away those “down” times... And release your own inner, personal power... instantly so you can begin to do the right things... and get the right results...
Breathe new life into your tired mind, body, soul... so you wake up everyday with the power and vigor to meet new challenges head on
Create a sense of peace and calm no matter what challenges you face
Embrace new optimism and develop more effective habits for happier, stress-free life
Bring goodness into your life... so you have the strength to overcome the obstacles in your path... and to create more wealth and abundance for yourself
Rejuvenate your belief in yourself and raise your energy level… so you have the "stuff" to start the race and to finish it (first!)
Focus your mind and take control of your days... So you can get back to doing what you enjoy.. quickly and effortlessly

All without long, painful hours spent sweating over exercises or struggling with uncomfortable, complicated techniques.

You’ll simply sit back and relax and let new power... fortify your mind and energize your spirit.

And here’s how...

You see... a few years ago, I was flying from my home in Toronto to a meeting in New York. . . I was excited because my wife and I were just weeks away from seeing our twins born (boy and girl)… And I decided to make good use of my time by listening to some CDs my wife had given me to get me ready for fatherhood (she’s terrific that way!)

The CDs were created by child development expert Jane Nelson... And they’re designed to teach new parents how to raise responsible, respectful, confident kids.

My mind faded in and out as Ms. Nelson described the frustrating, exasperating, exhausting things kids do to push our buttons... And what parents should do to respond.

...And then she said something that made me sit straight up in my seat! And listen intently!

She said... "Bad" behavior is a sign post or a mega-phone (sometimes with a screaming child at the speaking end)... That tells us when children are feeling worn out, sad, beat up, powerless or uncertain about who they are in the world.

And the job of parents is to see past that “bad” behavior and help them discover their own competence, their own personal power!

And to do it over and over again – consistently!

It was at that moment... I realized how adults need those same powerful, continuous, energizing tools to help us overcome setbacks and to move us away from pain, indecision, fear and anxiety
... And toward clarity, focus, wealth and abundance.

And yet... It’s not really that easy, is it?

... Because the REAL key... to overcoming obstacles and consistently moving toward success is to have...

Simple, easy, convenient tools… That work FOR You…
ESPECIALLY when You don’t want to

The truth is... When you really need to make changes, you often don’t have the energy, clarity or the creativity to... refocus your mind... to make that change happen...

Think of those times when...

  • You missed out on a promotion, or lost someone you love...and how that loss cut into your heart and killed your energy

  • Your mind is filled with negative thoughts and doubts… but you’re hungry for a positive, nurturing message to fill you up with... you crave success, love, wealth and abundance

  • Your mind, body and spirit are saying, "I’m tired, worn out, sad or overwhelmed... And I need a boost…"

It’s at those times... When you’re too distracted, too tired, too afraid or too busy to change things on your own... When you don’t know where to turn... When you desperately need faster, easier answers to nagging problems.

That you need...

A Fast, Simple Solution... That Boosts Your Ability to Succeed
And Super Charges Your Energy
So Big problems become Small... While Stress and Anxiety Fade away

Now Imagine being able to...

Switch your subconscious mind on to attract what you want… with a flip of a finger...
Harness your own limitless power... Easily and Instantly... So you can overcome sadness and no longer be paralyzed by it...
Tap into your creativity and personal power to get the delicious wealth, happiness and freedom you deserve . . . Right now!

And now it’s all possible because...

I’ve spent the last four years developing a simple solution that works with your mind, to quiet those dark voices... to sooth anxiety and to gently and seamlessly invigorate your mind and body with new hope and powerful focus... so you have the juice to do the right things right and to get results... immediately.

You see... Scientists have long known that energy constantly pulses through our brains... Like the percussion section of a cool jazz band, the energy beats along at different speeds and rhythms, and in different patterns.

And those beats determine what your mind can do.

Slow, regular rhythms (called Alpha waves) relax your mind, enable you to meditate, speed up healing and... create a state of Super Learning!

Faster moving waves (called Theta waves) boost concentration, pep up your energy, lift your mood, create more joy... produce intense Mental Focus... super-charge your mind and give you the clarity and the drive to get more of the right things done!

You’ll be able to...

  • Make more money, faster than you ever thought possible

  • Get more done in less time

  • Be the go-to person in your office, the one your boss knows she can count on every time

  • Meet new people and make friends easily and calmly

  • Feel comfortable and at ease no matter what the situation

And now, I’ve combined this incredible science of sculpted sound with my Proven Affirmations System...
To Gently draw your mind into a “Super State”
Where you can Learn more, Heal more,
Believe more, and Achieve more!
... While you eat, sleep and go about your business

As I said earlier, the biggest key to making your life what you want... is to move your mind away from pain, indecision, fear and anxiety... And toward clarity, focus, wealth and abundance... Consistently!

And that’s what ordinary affirmations can do for you...They focus your mind on what you desire rather than on what’s wrong.

The trouble is... they work only if they’re done correctly... And repeated frequently. At a time when you have the mental energy to focus on them, to absorb them, and to hold on to them.

Now, with the Power Affirmations System, I’ve combined the science of sound with my own proven affirmations techniques... Techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation within my family, and have worked for thousands of people just like you.

This complete system delivers specific, positive, effective messages in a precise sequence, at a precise rhythm with a precise number of repetitions.

... And then it is layered painstakingly over the sculpted sounds to provide the most powerful affirmations system ever.

With This system you’ll be able to...

Instantly and effortlessly relax your mind and guide it to new, more effective ways of thinking and believing
Overcome setbacks and unresolved issues... and propel you forward to the results you desire
Set clear goals and create the wealth you so richly deserve... painlessly
Open yourself up to more positive, expansive, effective ways of doing and thinking
Release anxiety and accept peace... so you can grow and become the person you aspire to be
Stop becoming overwhelmed by too many tasks, too many negative ideas or too much criticism... and move you beyond them to a happier, more peaceful, powerful life
Get more money, more peace, more time for walks in the park with your children... All of it! Starting Right Now!

Power Affirmations is the simplest, most effective method for getting Results ....Without the heavy lifting

There are...

  • No exercises
  • No Homework
  • Nothing to memorize
  • No weekends away from home
  • No uncomfortable situations

"After Long Hours of Rigorous Testing
I’m Absolutely Certain it Will Work... for Anyone"

Now before I go further, let me make it perfectly clear that this is NOT hypnosis... The science of sculpted sound cannot make you do anything you do not want to do... It won’t make you commit a crime or fall in love someone you’ve never met... or to do anything do not want to do.

It WILL give you the power to gently and quickly tune your mind
To create the change you seek...
and to finally reach your full potential

"I love listening to your Manifesting Wealth and Abundance program. I play it every night before going to bed and when I wake up I find myself focused and taking action to improve my finances. I’ve already seen a difference in the short period I’ve been listening to it. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful program! I look forward to listening to the other CDs when they become available. Keep up the great work."
-Jennifer Sampson, Sydney, Australia


"Your Affirmation CDs are terrific. I've been working with the Stop Procrastinating program and within the first few months I found that I was getting more and more done. My bosses even noticed I was more efficient and my colleagues noticed a great difference in me. I have both version and listen to the quiet one every night as I go to bed. These programs are really having an impact on me and I just wanted to say thank you, I feel much better about myself now and I know I'm on the right track."
-Susan Michaels, London, UK

But before I could bring it to you, I wanted to be absolutely sure my system drew every ounce of power from both those proven tools... And that would work instantly... for anyone.

So I spent four years testing and refining, and refining and testing the solution. I’ve spent more late nights in the studio sitting next to my sound engineer than I care to remember. We listened to every beat, every word, every pause and every repetition... again and again to be sure EVERY millisecond on the programs recorded at just the right wavelength from start to finish.

We tested the recordings with men, women and even children (10-18). To be absolutely certain that it works for absolutely everyone... regardless of age, gender, or personal goals.

And I can declare with absolute certainty that this system works.

But there’s more...

What I’ve discovered is that every person who has used this system has more mental energy, more happiness and more focus. Children remember spelling words better and faster, and do better in school.

Adults tell me they simply don’t notice the obstacles that once had them stuck and exhausted.

In fact, a young woman told me that... after using the Power Affirmations solution for just a few days, she felt as if she’d come out of a long, dark tunnel.

You see... she’d been laid off from her job more than a year before trying my system. She was told by lots of people that with time, she’d move on and begin to feel better about herself. But she didn’t... Instead, she felt lost, afraid and terribly, terribly alone.

Worse... she felt like so many people were counting on her to feel better, and to get better and to become a happy, motivated person... that she kept her negative feelings inside. She read books, but she didn’t have the energy to do the things the books told her to do. She listened to motivational speakers, but they didn’t seem to make any difference.

And then, she tried this simple, gentle system... And everything changed.

Within a few days, she had more physical and mental energy. Within a few more, her mind was clearer than it had been in many, many months... She felt “as if she was standing on top of a mountain, sipping air so pure it tasted like heaven”

She felt unstoppable!

Today, she’s running her own business and she’s happier than ever in her life.
And there’s still more to the story...

I wasn’t satisfied to see that my system worked for people who had never tried any of my products. So I tested it with my other programs and programs by other authors...

And I discovered that it boosts the results of my programs and any other program you may be working with...

You see...

Power Affirmations enables your mind to keep working on the challenges you’re facing, while you eat, sleep and go about your normal day.

Best of all, rather than zapping your energy with too much thinking or learning or studying... it revitalizes you and gives you more power and greater resources to keep you on the path to success.

The Power Affirmations program comes on a CD delivered right to your door or if you prefer, an Mp3 Download, so you can get started right away... You simply drop it into your Mp3, (CD Player), or computer, and listen as you go about your day.

...And let the changes happen.

"I love your Confidence program. I use it everyday as I sleep. Within 2 weeks of working with this program I found I changed the way I see myself and felt capable of getting things done. My friends noticed a real difference as I started getting comments some of them said I seemed like a new person. At first I didn't pay any attention to them but then I realized I had been using your program everyday. It's been 3 months since working with your Power programs, and I love them."
-Joanna Redman, Michigan, USA


"I wish I had started working with your Creating Confidence program years ago. But I have it now and I can really see a difference in the way I think and act around people. I used to be a shy person and was always afraid of being in a crowd because I thought I didn't have anything to offer. Well I now realize that kind of thinking led to my lack of confidence which led to a bad job and bad relationships. I've been working with your Confidence program now for 2 months and I feel like a new person. I actually go out more and am no longer afraid to be in crowded situations, I actually think I like it now. I speak up for myself and recently landed a new job at a competing firm. I listen to your regular version while driving to work and back and I just ordered your quiet version so I can listen to it at night, I can't wait to get them. I'll be ordering more of your programs soon enough. Thanks Karim"
-Nadia Bolinski, San Diego, USA

Two Ways to Create Change . . . Effortlessly

I’ve developed this audio program to address the top challenges that most often stop you from reaching your goals and potential...

  • Manifesting Wealth and Abundance

  • Creating Confidence

  • Stop Procrastinating

  • Eliminating Fear and Anxiety

  • Overcoming Depression

And there are two versions of the program to meet your unique needs, A Regular and a Quiet Version.

In the Regular Version, you’ll hear my voice gently lead you to a relaxed state to free your mind of worries and strains, and gently and safely open it up to new ideas and beliefs.

And then... using precisely-designed affirmations, delivered in a proven sequence... I’ll gently guide you to overcome specific obstacles and to engage your conscious and your subconscious mind - to create more wealth, more money, more abundance... more of the life you want... effortlessly.

This version is best used when you’re alert, awake and somewhat relaxed… like when you’re sipping a latte in the morning, walking or driving to work, or jogging down a quiet, lazy path in the park.

In the Quiet Version, you’ll hear only music and relaxing sounds. You won’t hear the affirmations. But they will be playing silently in the background… speaking to your subconscious mind and guiding it to new, more-powerful beginnings. . . You’ll feel lighter and calmer. . . as if you’re lying back in warm bath at dusk.

You can use this version when you’re drifting off to sleep or when your mind is occupied with something else . . . such as reading the paper or working.

Both are designed to get you quick, potent, satisfying results.

Plus... anyone at any age can use them. You can share them with your husband, wife and even your children. The CDs and Mp3's are completely safe. And they work seamlessly with each other... and with any other program you might be working with... to enrich and expand your life.

But that’s not all...

No Risks, No Worries Guarantee

I want to make sure you achieve all you hope for with the Power Affirmations program.

So you’re invited to try out the complete package for a full 90 days... You can listen to the CDs or Mp3's as many times as you want, anytime you want, wherever you want... you can experience the new energy pulsing through your mind and body.

You can see, feel and taste the rich, profound, positive change in your life and in your soul.

And at the end of that time, if for any reason you’re not absolutely satisfied with the incredible results you’re getting... just drop me a note, and I’ll refund your investment in full - No Questions Asked.

The truth is you won’t need to drop me a note – except to tell me about the astounding life you’ll be living.

Now is the Time to Create the Change You Want...
And it's Easy

And now, you don’t have to wait until you have "TIME".

Power Affirmations is designed for people, just like you... to give you the power and the focus to easily and quickly tap into the immense power of your mind and subconscious mind... and to set you gently and firmly on the path to success.

There are five titles in the program. Each works on different challenges and focuses your mind on different, powerful solutions. The segments are...

Manifest Wealth and Abundance... that enables you to easily discover the right opportunities and the right people to make more money and to find new, abundant opportunity... You’ll simply be unstoppable!
Creating Confidence... opens your mind up to new, empowering beliefs and actions that lead to the incrased confidence, greater self-esteem, and overall positive feeling about yourself and your abilities to succeed.
Stop Procrastinating... guides you to easily and effortlessly do the “right” things, take action, eliminates the "do it later" attitude so that you get things done quickly, easily effectively and on time... you'll become the go to person that people trus.
Eliminate Fear and Anxiety... shatters those feelings of doubt and despair... removes the panic, fear and anxiety that cripples your success... and allows you to see how things can work out, how you can succeed while giving ou a helping hand so you can reach out to the people, the job and the goals you so deeply deserve... painlessly
Overcoming Depression... rejuvenates your mind and spirit so you can move about the world with more energy, more freedom, more zest for life... and get more goodness back. With this program you'll want to get off the couch, get out of the house and start living again as you experience greater happiness everyday

I want More Out Of Life - Click Here For Titles


One Last Parting Thought
And then It’s up to You...

The hard truth is that if you keep doing what you’re doing right now... the limitations you face today WON’T stay the same.

Instead... Your fears and anxieties, your shrinking income, your out-of-control to do list... will grow bigger and more massive.

While your choices in life get smaller and fewer.

  • If you want to take control of your life

  • If you want more energy, more peace, more wealth, more happiness, more love

  • If you want to be a more patient mother or father... or a more focused student... or a more determined, take-charge manager

...You can begin creating that change within yourself... Starting right now!
Make the most of your life and your time... Get Power Affirmations Now

I want More Out Of Life - Click Here For Titles


Karim Hajee
Creating Power
P.S. Remember: If you want to change your life for the better AND you simply don’t have the time... Power Affirmations CDs/Mp3's are right for you... You can boost your confidence, create new wealth, and unleash your massive potential... in minutes. At the push of button ...Starting now!

P.P.S. Tap into the immense power of your mind... With simple, painless, proven program that merges science and success techniques... to help you solve problems, overcome obstacles and achieve your wildest dreams... Effortlessly.

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Power Affirmations Give You Lasting Results...



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Power Affirmations Special Package
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Special - Get the Complete Set - All 10 CDs - 5-Regular and 5- Quiet Versions BEST VALUE - SAVE $83.00!

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Don’t want all 10-Programs – that’s okay… you can get 5 of the Regular (you hear the affirmations) or 5 of the Quiet (you don’t hear the statements) versions and still save when you order today… Individually these 5 titles would run you 139-dollars… but today (for a limited time) you can have either set of 5 Quiet or 5 Regular Power Affirmation Programs for just $107 (you get one Program free and Save $$$)…

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Select Individual Titles...

Just want to get one or two titles to try them out… simply select your title from the list below… remember Each Program is backed with our no hassles guarantee.

Power Affirmation Titles
Mp3 Downloads
Manifesting Wealth and Abundance Regular Version
Manifesting Wealth and Abundance Quiet Version
Manifesting Wealth and Abundance Combo - Get both versions and Save - $7.00
Creating Confidence Regular Version
Creating Confidence Quiet Version
Creating Confidence Combo - Get Both Versions and Save $7.00!
Stop Procrastinating Regular Version
Stop Procrastinating Quiet Version
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Eliminating Fear And Anxiety - Regular Version
Eliminating Fear And Anxiety - Quiet Version
Eliminating Fear And Anxiety - Combo - Get Both Versions and SAVE $7.00
Overcoming Depression - Regular Version
Overcoming Depression - Quiet Version
Overcoming Depression - Combo - Get Both Versions - SAVE $7.00
HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 

99.9% of hacker crime.

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