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Now there’s a Simple solution… You Can Put an End to Depression and Be Alive Again… Safely, Quickly and Easily… No Pills and No Doctors…

Break Free from Depression, put the Fun back into Life, Unleash a New More Powerful You… with this Safe, Natural Program that will Have You
Smiling and Laughing again…


Dear Friend,

Depression can and will destroy your life, your family, and your career… and sometimes, even though as much as you try, there just seems to be no way to end the spiraling depression that you’re in.

You may have talked to doctors, therapists, tried medication, even worked with vitamins, herbs, natural remedies, holistic approaches, changed your diet, read countless books but nothing seems to help

You may feel like giving up and accepting that you’re just going to live with depression forever… you may say: "What’s the point of trying… if I don’t try anything I can’t fail… and I won’t be disappointed… I’ll just live with what I have… what’s the use anyway…"

It’s not a way to live…

I don’t blame you for feeling that way… and you may even think there’s nothing that can help… and that’s where you’re wrong

I’m about to show you a simple, natural and easy way to overcome depression…

I know you’re probably skeptical and I don’t blame you… but what I’m about to show you is proven effective and it helps thousands of people everyday… yes you can enjoy life again, yes you can laugh and have fun, yes you can overcome depression… read on to find out how…

This proven program helps you put an end to Depression… quickly and Easily.

Imagine being able to overcome setbacks, eliminate any feelings of hopelessness, sadness, anxiety, disappointment… no longer feeling trapped, unable to move forward, or stuck in a rut… feeling more confident about yourself, your abilities and where you’re life is going… it will happen faster than you think when you work with Overcoming Depression

My name is Karim Hajee and over the past 20 years I've helped thousands of people live happier, more rewarding lives sooner than they thought possible. What I am about to tell you here today will change your life forever.

I know life can throw you a curve ball that knocks you on your seat so hard that you don’t think you can get up again. I’ve been there myself and have managed to bounce back from setbacks time and time again. Yes I have dealt with depression… you might be going through it right now and you have all kinds of reasons for justifying the way you feel.

Karim Hajee

Unless you turn things around your depression will only get worse. Your life will continue to tailspin into a dark void… you may think there’s no light at the end of the tunnel… but there is...

The truth is most depression is not caused by a genetic trait. It wasn’t passed down to you and you don’t have it “in your blood.”

Most of the time depression is triggered by a traumatic event or a major setback. A death in the family, divorce, a sickness, the birth of a child, loss of a job, a business failing, or a loss of an investment can often lead to depression. Sometimes even a small, seemingly insignificant event can push you into a depressive state.

It may start with the blues… and then it gets worse and before you know it you’re not doing the things you used to do, you’re not enjoying life, you’re not going out and you’re just not having fun anymore.

Instead, you prefer to stay home, sleep as long as you can or maybe you just can’t fall asleep... tossing and turning through the night until the alarm clock goes off... you avoid meeting people, try not to speak to anyone, feel down and out, feel hopeless, don’t think things will get better and sometimes say: “what’s the point.”

If any of that happens regularly you may be heading for a serious bout of depression and if you don’t stop it now and turn things around… things will only get worse.

Before you know it your job will start to suffer, your health will deteriorate, your family life could fall apart, your relationships will crumble… it will be like a tidal wave of negative events consuming you.

Why does this happen?

Some will say its science… that there’s a chemical imbalance and only medication will help. For some that really is the case.

But most times its because a negative thought process begins with an unwanted or unexpected event… then it grows, and grows, the negative thoughts multiply and keep multiplying… they get a firm grip on your mind and begin to spread to your subconscious mind… and that’s when the depression takes over… you start feeling sad, and begin to feel like there’s no hope.

Now you can turn your life around… say Goodbye to Depression…

Overcoming depression has helped people bounce back from setbacks, and difficulties while giving them a renewed sense of hope, inner peace and happiness.

With Overcoming Depression you’ll…

  • Eliminate the negative thoughts of despair, and self-doubt

  • Put an end to feeling sad and wear a smile while experiencing greater happiness

  • Embrace life and look forward to each new day

  • Enjoy restful sleep

  • Experience greater confidence and optimism

  • Get more done

  • Be more relaxed and open minded

  • Live life to your full potential

Overcoming Depression is a powerful program that helps you re-train your mind and re-direct your subconscious mind so that you move away from depression and begin to enjoy greater happiness in all areas of your life.

There are no exercises and there is no homework. You simply listen to the program as you go about your day... you can listen to it while you're exercising, driving or even while you’re sleeping… the changes take place automatically.

As you listen to the powerful statements and peaceful music your deeply rooted negative thought patterns that lead to depression are wiped away… each crippling thought, negative feeling and self-defeating belief is erased… but it gets better

While the old thought patterns are wiped out… this powerful, one of a kind program, establishes new, empowering thought patterns… this is what allows you to not only put an end to the depression… but create a happier, more optimistic and positive outlook on life that will allow you enjoy greater success in every area.

Research Leads To Results

We spent 4 years researching, developing and testing this program before making it widely available.

During that time we found that the real difference between those who suffer from repeat bouts of depression and those that enjoy life on a daily basis is their core thoughts and beliefs… those are thoughts that they repeat daily and the beliefs that they hold on to.

Those who are happy have dramatically different thoughts and beliefs than those who are constantly depressed… so profound was the difference that the two actually see things differently. It’s as though they were in the same place but seeing life in different ways.

Overcoming Depression creates a new way of seeing things so that you remain happy, optimistic and positive… it’s a long-term solution that takes hold quickly and easily.

“I first started working with your CD just after a break up. At the time I really didn’t want to do anything. I blamed myself for everything and kept thinking about my ex. I knew I had to move on but couldn’t get the thoughts out of my mind. It was all I could talk about. My friends and family tried to get me to things, they really tried to help but nothing work. As I listened to your program I began to relax and at first I resisted. I remember saying to myself, nothing will change, what’s the use. But I kept playing the program. I’ve had your CD for nearly 8 months; I got it after you allowed me to try it first. I still listen to it and looking back I can’t say when things changed exactly. All I know is I no longer feel guilty about what happened, I don’t blame myself anymore, I can talk about my ex without breaking down and crying. I feel more energetic and I know things are getting better. I also know that I’m destined for better things and each day these positive feelings get stronger and stronger. Your program has made a real difference in my life.”
-Julia Salter, Perth, Australia

By working with the Overcoming Depression CD repeatedly a new thought process is formed and becomes part of your everyday life while replacing past negative thinking.

It’s that easy. It gets your mind and subconscious mind working towards the same objective, creating automatic and long lasting changes.

The real driver of this change is in the way the program is designed.

All of our Power Affirmation programs put you in a calm and relaxed state, so that you’re more receptive to the new statements, allowing you to easier form new thought patterns. This is known as the Alpha state, where your ability to recall and learn is heightened.

The music and statements are set to a specific beat, so that your brain absorbs the information which leads to changes taking place sooner.

With Overcoming Depression you quickly and easily replace those negative thoughts that lead to depression, with optimistic and positive thought patterns that lead to greater a sense of happiness and well-being.

Each statement is carefully selected, tested and repeated to overcome and replace any negative thought, self-doubt, limiting attitude and belief that causes a depressive state.

All you have to do is hit the play button, relax, go about your day and say goodbye to depression as the changes unfold.

The program starts with a calming and relaxation session, which allows you to unwind before the statements are delivered.

The background music is specifically created for the program and helps you maintain ia calm and relaxed state as each affirmation or phrase is delivered at a specific pace, allowing your mind and subconscious mind to process them easily.

Kick The Negative, Depressive Thoughts Out Of Your Mind Forever…

Typically the depression starts off without a warning… or so it may seem. But our research has shown that before you enter a prolonged depressive state you almost always focus on a major setback, a fear, a traumatic event, a loss or have a negative attitude. You may think that somebody did something to you and create a feeling of being hurt or betrayed.

As you continue to hold these thoughts and feelings they magnify and before you know it the depression sets in slowly and gradually, until one day you can no longer function.

With our Overcoming Depression program you’ll eliminate and replace the thoughts and feelings that drive depression.

Imagine being able to…

  • Focus on Success Instead of failure

  • Forgive others for the way they may have treated you

  • No Longer feel sorry for yourself

  • Walk with new found optimism

  • Be more confident

  • Enjoy a Greater Sense of Self Worth

  • Go out and interact with friends and family

  • Not worry about what others might say or think

  • Overcome obstacles that may have stopped you in the past

  • Eliminate the chronic feeling of sadness and despair

  • Be happy and full of life again

Plus so much more…

Overcoming depression is safe, and easy to work with.

The more often you listen to the program the sooner the changes; it’s really that simple and that powerful.

There’s no heavy lifting… the program does the work for you.

“This program saved my life. I had been living with depression for over 2 years, though my wife says it was longer. I had tried just about everything, including therapy. My wife told me about your program and suggested I try it. I was reluctant and thought it was just another gimmick. But it made an impact the very first time I played it. I listened to it over and over that day and when I went to bed at night I kept playing it in the background. For the first time in a long time I was able to sleep for more than a few hours. That morning I woke up feeling refreshed and alive. I continue playing the CD everyday and I am a new person. I enjoy being with people again, and my colleagues have seen a real difference. My bosses have even commented on my improvement and I know had it not been for your program I probably would have lost my job, I was just such a downer. I no longer focus on what went wrong or the losses I experienced. Those things cannot be changed. Today I am building a new life; I am more confident and truly feel that my life has gotten so much better. Your program has made all the difference and I look forward to working with your other CDs, they really work and I’m telling everybody about them.”
-Tom Sunderland, Atlanta, USA


“Dear Karim,
In July of 2007 I lost my job after my company was bought out by a competitor. I thought it would be easy to land work again and at first I was optimistic. But after trying and realizing that my skills were out of date I started to doubt myself. Then I began to withdraw, I thought I was no good and blamed myself for everything that was going wrong. I had this sense of guilt that was overwhelming. I didn’t know what was happening until my Doctor explained that I was depressed. He didn’t want to put me on medication, but could explained that if I don’t get better I would have no choice. My husband was very supportive but after a few months I could see he was getting tired of my doom and gloom attitude. I could only see what was wrong and would get angry with my kids for no reason. One day I got an email from a friend about your material and decided to try your Overcoming Depression CD. My life has changed completely because of your program. Within 3 months I got a job at a company that has so far been great to me. That started the change that is still continuing today. I listen to your program when I drive to work and when I get home. I know that I am responsible for my own life but I no longer blame myself and feel like I can make the right decisions, after all – I chose to get your CD and that has made all the difference. I know that had it not been for you I probably would be divorced and alone today. Thanks Karim, keep up the great work. I love what you’re doing, it really makes a difference.”

-Abby Suffolk, Vancouver, Canada

How Soon Will I see Results?

That’s the question I always get asked.

Some could experience changes in just a few days… some may take longer...

In all cases, the changes are taking place under the surface and often, you won’t even know that you’ve change or that you’re no longer feeling so depressed.


Because you probably don’t pay attention to your thoughts all the time.

Changes will happen, and you will get results, it all depends on how often you work with the program. If you work with it once a week, changes will take a long time. If you work with it everyday, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day you’ll see changes sooner.

Play the program as often as you can when ever you can… that’s the only way to get the best results.

Here’s the best part… the changes will continue long after you play the program. That’s right, even after you play the program you’ll continue to experience improvements in every area of your life.

Those who have worked with our Power Affirmations program have said they’ve seen the following unexpected results:

  • Ability to concentrate

  • More comfortable in new situations

  • Greater sense of self-worth

  • Being more persistent

  • Less fear of the unknown

  • Trust their abilities

  • Ability to stay calm and think things through

  • Sleep easier and more comfortably

  • Better memory

  • More energy

  • Feeling more satisfied

  • More drive

Now you can have the same success and put an end to the Depression that’s been destroying your life…

Success Made Easy

With our Overcoming Depression program you don’t have to set aside a lot of time… it fits into your busy schedule… all you have to do is listen… if you can do that you can put an end to depression.

The more often you work with it the sooner and more lasting the results.

I'm Ready To Overcome Depression Now -
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With Power Affirmations you'll create a life where You always look forward to
waking up in the morning

90-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!

I’m going to give you 90-days to try out the Power Affirmations CDs. If you’re not seeing a "new you" emerge through listening with headphones for 20 minutes, I insist that you return your CDs for a full, no-questions-asked product refund.

I’m sure you can see now why we say that Power Affirmations are "self-growth" for busy people – they’re phenomenal tools for you to whisk away your troubles at the push of a button, so that you can get more from your life.

“I love this program, it really made a huge difference in my life. For over a year I had been keeping to myself, avoiding people and thinking that I could never be successful. Then I started to blame everyone else for the things that had gone wrong in my life. I got into a huge fight with my mother and stopped talking to her. I even cut myself off from the rest of my family, blaming them and saying it was their fault. A short time later I had a disagreement with my boss and was demoted. I could see things only getting worse and they did. I don’t know how I found your site but I’m glad I did. I bought this program and a couple of others and they have made a huge difference. Since working with this CD (I still listen to it) I patched things up with my mom and my family. I am now laughing and enjoying life again. My boss gave me old position and says he has bigger plans for me in the future. My relationships are much stronger and I enjoy being this new person, actually I’m back to being who I was when I was in my 20’s. I share your material with all my family and have my mom and brother working with your CDs. I have stopped blaming everyone for what went wrong in my life and I embrace each new day with more and more passion. Had I not worked with your program I know things would have gotten much worse. Thanks for saving me. Your friend,”
-Daniela Knight, Manchester, UK


Overcoming Depression works and it will help you enjoy life everyday… break free from Depression now…

I'm Ready To Overcome Depression Now -
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Karim Hajee
Creating Power
PS: Remember: If you don't do anything, everything stays the same... and with depression... it will only get worse. You owe it to yourself to live life to the fullest... to enjoy each day with passion, laughter and happiness... take charge of your life today and overcome depression, quickly and easily...

I want passion, happiness, powerful action, enjoy life and new results. Send me your Power Affirmations for Overcoming Depression... Now...

We have 2 versions to choose from: The Regular version – allows you to hear the statements and music as you play the CD. The Quiet Version – you do not hear the statements – only the music. The statements are in the background and you will receive a copy of all the statements on the cd.

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