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Increase Confidence and Self Esteem
At The Push Of A Button...
In Minutes A Day...
E ven While You're Sleeping!

Experience Sky-Rocketing Confidence
While You Go About Enjoying Your Day...

Simply Listen through headphones then lie back and let the changes happen... your Friends will think you're a new person as you exude supreme confidence and self-esteem...

You are a powerful human being… capable of achieving remarkable feats… you really can do anything you want… when you have the confidenc to believe in yourself

Unfortunately most people who lack confidence don’t believe in themselves… they don’t believe they can do or achieve anything they want.

Unless you believe that you can and will achieve anything you want you’ll continue to be fearful, avoid challenges, feel inadequate, doubt yourself, worry and feel that you can’t or never will be able to achieve what you want… and it’s only because you’re conditioned to seeing and believing the worst.

Without a strong belief system that says “I can do and achieve anything I want” you’ll continue to feel helpless, experience failure after failure and say to yourself – “that’s just the way it is…

But it’s really not that way. It’s only that way because that’s what you choose to see and believe.

Here’s the good news…

You can turn things around. You can believe in yourself. You can increase your confidence and self-esteem. You can create the belief system that says – “I can do and be anything I want… because you really can.

I know, you look around and you see others who exude confidence, things just seem to work out for them, and they seem to do it almost effortlessly. You take a closer look at them and you find that they’re not any smarter, they’re not anymore intelligent than you, they may not even be more educated than you, but they have the confidence and the success that you crave. So you think… maybe that’s just the way it is.

But it isn’t.

The only reason they seem more confident and more successful than you is because they’ve conditioned their mind and subconscious mind to focus on their positive qualities and their success.

You may find that you beat yourself up, focus on what’s wrong with you and what’s wrong in your life… you may even think that when things go wrong it’s your fault or some external power greater than you willed things to go wrong.
And so you continue to doubt yourself and doubt your ability. In the end you accept that you don’t have the confidence and that things will never get better… then the worst happens… you give up.

But you shouldn’t give up. You are better than you realize. You are more capable than you realize and now you can create the kind of confidence you want at the push of a button… more about that in a bit.

Confidence is not something you were born with.

Confidence is something you develop and you can create the kind of confidence you want in simple, easy steps.

Studies have show that those who exude super confidence believe in themselves, are comfortable with who they are and trust that they can and will accomplish what they set out to achieve.

Meanwhile those who lack confidence often look at the worst in situations, focus on what’s wrong with them, don’t appreciate their positive qualities and don’t think they can achieve the outcomes they want.

These are two very different patterns of thinking – one leads to supreme confidence, the other leads to a lack of confidence and a feeling of being inadequate.

But here’s the most interesting part… those who appear to have confidence really didn’t have a “better life” than those that have less confidence. And they didn’t see themselves as being extremely confident, because they had develop a thought process and a belief pattern that simply allows them to succeed no matter what.

Sure there are some people who have great looks, a genius mind, or are super talented. But studies have shown that some of the best looking people are often the shyest and don’t have the confidence you expect them to have. Many geniuses never go on to make an impact on society or achieve greatness. And most of those who are extremely talented rarely fulfill their expectations.

Why does this happen?

They simply don’t have the confidence, they simply don’t believe in themselves.

Your confidence is dependent on your thoughts, and beliefs about yourself. If you have a pattern of thinking that allows you to be extremely confident then you will succeed and go on to enjoy a terrific life.

You don’t need to be drop dead gorgeous.
You don’t need to be a genius.
You don’t need to be super talented.

You just need to have the right thoughts and beliefs that lead you to have extreme confidence. What you focus on in your life will shape and build your confidence.

If you feel you’re incapable… you won’t succeed, regardless of how much you want to.

What are some of the cause of low self-confidence or a feeling of not being able to achieve what you want?

Here are some examples of situations that can lead to lower confidence:

  • Unstable family/home life
  • Divorce
  • Incomplete schooling
  • Lack of Money
  • Focusing on what is wrong
  • Feeling inadequate
  • Sickness – mental and physical
  • Constantly harassed/picked on
  • Getting laid off or losing a job
  • Breakup with a loved one
  • Business collapsing
  • Loss on investments
  • Substance abuse
  • Physical challenges
  • Emotional setbacks

The list can go on forever... there can be a number of events/reasons/excuses for not being the confident person you want to be. Such setbacks can knock you off your feet and cause you to lose confidence and all hope.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

We’ve all had setbacks… myself included… but those who thrive after a setback think differently, see things differently and as a result have a soaring level of confidence than those who hope things will get better and have a lack of confidence.

Creating Confidence instills the thoughts and beliefs that help you increase your confidence, self-esteem and allows you to enjoy a greater, more fulfilling life.

If you want to be that supremely confident person, the kind of person that lights up a room, the kind of person who exudes confidence and enjoys success in all areas of life… if you want to have the thoughts, and beliefs that lead you to greater confidence then the Creating Confidence program is for you.

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“I started working with your Creating Confidence program a few months ago after I had just experienced a breakup with the person I thought was my soulmate. While listening to your CD everyday I realized that I had a lot of negative thoughts about myself, my relationship and my ex. I was disappointed to learn that I was the one who sabotaged that relationship. I also realized that my negative thinking about myself was causing problems in other areas of my life. I thought about returning your program because I didn’t want to create the changes internally. But I decided to keep the CD and play it everyday. Today I feel I am a changed person. Though my relationship has long ended I feel better about myself and I can see improvements in other areas of my life. I say the affirmations when I’m not playing the CD and today I feel I am worthy of being in a great relationship and I have a new attitude toward life. I’m meeting terrific people everyday and I thank you for this great program. I am also working with your other CDs which I really enjoy.
Tracy Saleem, Atlanta, USA

With Creating Confidence you’ll experience remarkable change in as little as 20 minutes a day

Creating Confidence is for anybody who wants to be better, achieve more and enjoy a fulfilling, rewarding life. You can be shy, conservative, or bashful, it doesn’t matter, Creating Confidence will help you develop the thought patterns that lead to more confidence and greater self-esteem.

If you want to do better at work, Creating Confidence will help you be the go to person at the office… the one who gets things done and gets results.
If you want to meet more people, be more comfortable in social situations, enjoy a more active an fulfilling social life, Creating Confidence will help you develop the thought patterns to improve every aspect of your social life.

This program won’t create miracles… but it will help you feel better about yourself and help you eliminate the thought patterns that have been holding you back from enjoying greater confidence and higher self-esteem.
Here’s how it works…

Each statement on the CD is designed to either instill greater confidence and self-esteem or eliminate a negative thought pattern that limits your ability to be confident and feel better about yourself.

We spent 3 years researching and testing this program before releasing it… we know it works and it gets results.

The combination of music and rhythmic affirmations activate your brain and subconscious mind to create a new learning experience through a blend of music and words.

The music is set at a specific beat to put you in a relaxed, clear headed state allowing your subconscious mind to absorb the statements that will lead to new beliefs and new actions. This combination of new beliefs and new actions is what leads to results and the changes that you want.
This creates a very unusual, pleasurable and effective experience.

By working with this program regularly you will begin to experience a new level of confidence only seen in the most successful people on the planet.

“Karim, I was shocked to see the changes in me after working with your CD. At first I really didn’t notice anything, even though I played the CDs everyday. It was my wife who pointed out the changes in me. She said that she had noticed a difference in the way I spoke, what I said and commented on how I was getting more done when I got home from work. So I decided to keep a journal and tracked my thoughts during the day. I also paid attention to how I behaved and what I said. You know what, she’s right. There’s been a huge change and I didn’t even see it. I find that I truly believe that I can do more and achieve more. When I speak I find myself saying positive things and when somebody says that doing something is hard I often don’t agree with them. I don’t get into fights about it, I just find that I am more comfortable with me. This has been a great transition, one I would never realized had my wife not pointed it out to me and I had a I not worked with your program.”
Raymond Anderson, Ft. Lauderdale, USA


“This is a great program. I always wanted to meet more women and be the social butterfly, you know the kind of person that people want to be around at parties. I’ve been working with your program for several months now and my calendar is full, I have to start saying “I can’t make it” to people, something that never happened. When I do go to these events, I find I easily meet women and have a great time getting to know them. This has been a huge boost to my confidence and ego, but I’m loving every minute of it. But it can’t be all fun and games, I do have to finish school and I’m using your program to excel and graduate at the top of my class. I know if I do that I’ll get the job of my choice regardless of the economy. I’ll give you an update soon, but so far so good. My professors have all said I’m doing fantastic and they’ve seen a real change in my attitude since the fall.”
Dan Clemson, Boston, USA

With Creating Confidence the changes will come sooner than you realize… here are just some of the changes you’ll experience:

  • Feel better about yourself
  • Embrace changes and challenges, knowing you will succeed
  • Feel more confident and comfortable around people, especially strangers
  • Be comfortable with who you are
  • Make the right impression at the right time
  • No longer focus on failure
  • Find solutions to problems
  • Overcome setbacks easily
  • Make the right decisions quickly and easily
  • No longer live in fear
  • Work well under extreme pressure
  • Impress those around you, including your bosses
  • Eliminate shyness and self-doubt
  • Handle criticism easily
  • Eliminate stress
  • Complete your responsibilities easily

And the list goes on and on…

With Creating Confidence there is no homework, no exercises no list of things to do…

Just pop the cd into your cd player and listen through your headphones... the affirmations are recited at a specific rhythm with optimized music that allow the affirmations to be absorbed easily and quickly by your mind and subconscious mind. If you don’t feel like listening to the affirmations – simply select our quiet version and the affirmations will play silently in the background.

As you work with Creating Confidence you’ll plant new positive patterns on your mind and subconscious mind leading you to be the kind of person who believes they can accomplish anything at anytime.

By working with Creating Confidence regularly you’ll:

  • Be more positive and self assured
  • Make decisions easily
  • Be clear about your goals and what you need to do to achieve them
  • Be comfortable in all situations
  • Be more personable and easy to understand
  • Communicate better and more effectively, you’ll say the right thing at the right time
  • Learn new things quickly and easily
  • Adapt to different situations
  • Discover and embrace new opportunities
  • Attract and appreciate successful people who will help you be successful
  • Do things correctly and on time
  • Believe in yourself and your ability
  • Experience optimism while you accomplish your goals
  • Continually increase your confidence

And many more changes… to many to list on this page…

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With Creating Confidence your old, limiting thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about yourself will fade away and will be replaced with new optimistic thoughts and beliefs that will lead to greater confidence. You’ll see yourself starting to enjoy life more, regardless of where you are now.

When you work with the program regularly you’ll feel more confident and ready to get things done quickly and easily, and you’ll want to find solutions to problems rather than avoid them. You’ll be able to handle those unpredictable events that sometimes set you back or make you feel uncomfortable. Being open in social situations will be easy and striking up conversations will happen with little or no effort. Over time, you’ll see yourself winning people over and become a sphere of influence that you may not have expected.

I want to Create Confidence Now - Click Here To Order

"I love your Confidence affirmation cd. I listen to it everyday and I use the quiet version as I sleep. Within 2 weeks of working with this program I found I changed the way I see myself and felt capable of getting things done. My firends noticed a real difference as I started getting comments some of them said I seemed like a new person. At first I didn't pay any attention to them but then I realized I had been playing your program everyday. It's been 3 months since working with your Power Affirmations and I love them."
-Joanna Redman, Michigan, USA


You can work with either version: The Regular version - where you hear the statements or the Quiet Version - where you don’t hear the statements.

Each CD is painstakingly crafted using state-of-the-art digital recording equipment to produce a soothing 3-D sound that allows music, voices, and nature sounds to project spatially in your mind.

There are no "questionable" messages on your CDs.
These are not "hypnotic inductions." You will find no short-term motivational hype.

In the Regular version You will hear Karim gently guide your mind so that you get the results you want – while you’re relaxing, driving, unwinding, sleeping, or at anytime you want to listen to the program – you can and you’ll always be generating the results you want.

At the beginning of each session Karim guides you to a relaxed state and gets your mind focused on achieving what you want to achieve.

This prepares the mind to focus on your goal in a powerful way, you then let go and relax as the music and statements take over.

New high-performance mental technology is behind the music and drives these programs to get results. The music is set a specific beat that creates a particular state of deep relaxation, increased creativity, focus, improved concentration, accelerated learning, improved mental and emotional health, and greater self-awareness.

The statements are specifically designed to help you overcome setbacks, overcome unresolved issues, heal and forgive yourself of past mistakes, allowing you to embrace success, and compel you to take the right action to get the results you want.

The statements are combined with the music by Evan Gray and take you on a learning journey. The beginning generates a relaxation and awareness state that is followed by the learning, healing, and growing phase and the process is completed with the action and implementation phase. The music and statements are in synch’ and this powerful combination creates a complete experience that leads to changes on a large scale.

If you are not Experiencing The Confidence You Want then Use the Power Affirmation for Creating Confidence NOW!

Power Affirmations can help you make peaceful changes so that you are happy and satisfied without a major time commitment. Most Power Affirmation sessions are less than an hour and can be broken up into 20-minute sessions.

You might listen to a session first thing in the morning. Or during your lunch break. Or when you arrive home for the day. Or just before bed. Whenever you can find a few minutes, you will find benefit.

“I was pleasantly surprised after working with your Creating Confidence affirmation cd. I discovered I had a mental pattern that didn't allow me to believe in myself or have confidence. In fact my thinking led to less confidence. So after working with your program I've been able to change my thinking and I now believe in myself. An example was played out recently when I started dating my current girlfriend. Prior to working with your program I never had the nerve to talk to another woman let alone as one out. Today I am much more confident and I really believe that I can achieve great things, but as you say one step at a time. Thank you very much for helping me change my lfe.”
-Andrew Ward, United Kingdom.

What you need... when you need it

"I wish I had started working with your Creating Confidence program years ago. But I have it now and I can really see a difference in the way I think and act around people. I used to be a shy person and was always afraid of being in a crowd because I thought I didn't have anything to offer. Well I now realize that kind of thinking led to my lack of confidence which led to a bad job and bad relationships. I've been working with your Confidence program now for 2 months and I feel like a new person. I actually go out more and am no longer afraid to be in crowded situations, I actually think I like it now. I speak up for myself and recently landed a new job at a competing firm. I listen to your regular version while driving to work and back and I just ordered your quiet version so I can listen to it at night, I can't wait to get them. I'll be ordering more of your programs soon enough. Thanks Karim"
-Nadia Bolinski, California, USA


12-months no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!

I’m going to give you a full year to try out the Power Affirmations CDs. If you’re not seeing a "new you" emerge through listening with headphones for 20 minutes, I insist that you return your CDs for a full, no-questions-asked product refund.

I’m sure you can see now why we say that Power Affirmations are "self-growth" for busy people – they’re phenomenal tools for you to whisk away your troubles at the push of a button, so that you can get more from your life.


Karim Hajee
Creating Power
PS: Remember: This program puts success in your hands. You can work with it for 5 minutes a day if you like and you’ll still experience greater confidence. But the more often you work with the better your results… if you’re ready to be more and enjoy greater confidence then don’t waste another minute… start Creating Confidence today…

I want passion, powerful action, Greater Confidence, More Self-Esteem and new results. Send me your Power Affirmations for Creating Confidence…

We have 2 versions to choose from. The Regular version - allows you to hear the statements and music as you play the CD. The Quiet Version - you do not hear the statements - only the music. The statements are in the background and you will receive a copy of all the statements on the cd.

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